"Politically correct" è l'etichetta sarcastica che la destra americana riserva a coloro che evitano gli eccessi del razzismo verbale. "Politicamente corretto" è diventata la locuzione spregiativa preferita ovunque dalla destra. In un periodo in cui non c'è più differenza pratica tra destra e "sinistra", la destra rivendica almeno la sguaiataggine come proprio tratto distintivo."

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The case of North Korea is becoming a further demonstration of the fact that there is no opposition to U.S. imperialist system, either in the so-called West or in the context of the so-called emerging countries. The whole official propaganda was not matched by any element of criticism, even about he most obvious absurdities.
It is not explained to us how a country that would starve over sixty years, can have more than 24 million inhabitants in an area which is about half of Italy. No one notices the ridiculous fact that this propaganda on hunger in North Korea comes precisely from those who, for decades, have imposed more and more severe economic sanctions on that country. There is not even explained how it would be possible that a military caste, historically consolidated from half a century of anti-imperialist resistance, such as North Korea, could take orders from a virtually featherless"dictator", who seems to have a mere symbolic function of continuity .
The opinion that North Korea represents the lowest grade in the so-called human rights is taken for granted by the media, but no one seems to notice that this judgment is derived from reports from NGOs such as Human Rights Watch, which are reported to show an “inclusive” attitude to CIA operations like "secret rendition" (kidnapping and torture) . (1)
Also, the amount of military maneuvers put in place by the United States in the last months is not at all linked to the current increase in the paranoia of the North-Korean military regime , as if this paranoia was dictated solely by internal causes. Since March, the U.S. army has implemented three overflights on North Korea with their B-2 bombers plus countless naval movements and deployment of new aircraft and missiles. (2)
Nothing similar in amount and quality of intimidation can be attributed to the North Korean regime. Nevertheless, even the so-called "threats" of the North Korean regime have never been contextualized within the framework of the combined military maneuvers between the U.S. and South Korea, maneuvers that also included the simulation of a nuclear bombing with the usual B-2. Of course, all of these movements would be dictated exclusively by U.S. military “defensive” reasons. (3)
Even the diplomatic results achieved by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, in being able to engage China in order to isolate the North Korean regime, are interpreted solely as a result of the growing worldwide concern for the aggressiveness of dictator Kim Jong Un, whereas a more and more submissive attitude of the Chinese economic regime could be recognized just as the main cause of the increased U. S. aggressiveness . For China, the independence of North Korea is an indispensable strategic bastion, so much so that it should be supported even if the U.S. propaganda could have told the truth about the aggressiveness of the North Korean regime. The fall of North Korea in U.S. hands would mean a further step in the encirclement of China.
In addition, to disprove the myth of the ideological purity of the"socialist" regime of North Korea, it could be observed that since many years this country has become one of the major areas of investment for Chinese businessmen. The story of the uncontrolled dictator, even by Beijing, therefore, is not based on any concrete response. (4)
Yet the Chinese government expresses its determination solely on theTibetan question, although Tibet is no longer considered an indispensable and strategic area, since in the 50s all potential sources of Kuo Min Tang resistance were turned off in the Chinese territory. The uncompromising attitude on Tibet is therefore an alibi for the Chinese government, in order to overshadow the weakness demonstrated in the case of Libya, Syria, and just now in North Korea.
The prospect that the world may be on the brink of a nuclear war only because of a "mad dictator", appears quite realistic and plausible in the eyes of world public opinion. The official propaganda does not need to be based on any rational construct, indeed, the narrative is more fairy-tale, the more effective. The existence of these mythical "dictators" justifies then automatically every military aggression of the United States; justification endorsed even by those who do not feel themselves pro-American. For all the commentators the unique reasonable solution stands always and merely on a total collapse of the North Korean regime, while it is not at all taken into account the possibility that the United States can meanwhile cease their overflights and their nuclear maneuvers in North Korea.
The mystification of "Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction" has already been archived, so no one faces the problem that any North-Korean renounce over its nuclear program would not avoid an American aggression, on the contrary this one would be increased. Even Gaddafi had given up his chemical and nuclear weapons project, and for a while 'was also reinstated in the assembly of the so-called "international community", but then, to gain unconditional endorsement to his elimination, it was enough to call him a "tyrant" and "butcher of his people." In short, only those who are able to demonstrate an absolute moral perfection could have – maybe - the right to be exempted from the American bombing.
The undisputed and pervasive success of the mad dictator’s tale– crossing ideologies and parties-, is so much so that undermines the same ideas of modernity and civil progress. It seems that at the bottom of the social world there is an archaic, primitive, tribal core, which feeds elementary mythologies.
April 11, 2013

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